AR Outdoor Media

Non interactive and non personalied

Traditional out-of-home outdoor advertising is one of the oldest forms of advertising and is stale, out of date and ripe for being disrupted. It creates basic visual effects, conveys limited information and its effectiveness cannot easily be measured.

Hello AROOH augtertianment™️

Interactive, smarter & personalised

What if you could place 3D experiences at key outdoor locations and base both content and interactivity on the users environment, such as weather? AROutdoor.Media enables users to scan a QR Code or existing advert to start an interactive experience or just view surrounding ARdverts™️ based on the GPS location. 3D Models, 3D spatial audio and 3D experiences, such as rain or dust particles, can be placed at a precise latitude, longitude and altitude to bring your campaign to life and realtime, anonomous, gazing statistics gives you instant campaign interactive awareness.

Additional environmental factors such as proximity to a road or path as well as a number of other factors can be used to alter the user experience and you'll also be able to augment existing OOH media

Part of the MetARverse. Vive l'AR révolution™️
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